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10 Ways to Measure Audience Engagement at Your Event

Audience Engagement is an important factor for the success of a business. By measuring the audience engagement, you can analyze the score of your website.

In this article, you will discover 10 different methods to measure the audience engagement.

Analyze Your Website Traffic

Website traffic plays an important role in the audience management. You can consider your website as the hub of your brand. If your website has a good traffic, this means that the users are interested in your brand.

Several tools are available to measure the website traffic. For example, Google Analytics. Google Analytics can also be used to analyze a website’s performance. The following points will help you in analyzing your website traffic:

  • By tracking how many visitors visit a specific page on your website.
  • By calculating the average time spent by the users on your website.
  • By tracking the number of visits.
  • By tracking the specific events like newsletter signups, etc.

Create an Event App

According to the report of the StatCounter, mobile now accounts for about 51.3% of internet usage across the globe. Hence, to measure the audience engagement, a mobile app is also an important tool. You can use tools such as Appfigures for iOS and Localytics for Android in order to learn the interaction behavior of your audience.

Use Push Notifications or Email

You can use the push notifications to remind the attendees of upcoming speakers, presentations, and workshops. Besides push notifications, you can also use Email to track the audience engagement. Collect the Email data and compare it o the attendance figures.

Track Your Event Hashtag

The hashtag is one of the best ways to increase the publicity of your event. According to the certain studies, Hashtags are responsible to increase the social media engagement.

Conduct a survey

An event survey will help you get an honest feedback. It is good to conduct a survey for both attendees and speakers. This will provide you with various perspectives and insights.

You can use the following ways to conduct the surveys:

  • Using a QR code.
  • Via the event app.
  • Via Email.
  • Using a survey tool like SurveyMonkey.

Hire Mystery Shoppers

The Mystery Shoppers can pick up engagement issues which might otherwise fall through the cracks. For example, the signup issues.

Use QR Codes

QR codes have two great benefits:

  • They can help in keeping the audience engagement high by giving your attendees access to additional materials.
  • They can be used to generate leads by directing attendees to a landing page or to a contact in your sales team.

Evaluate Lead Generation Results

Lead generation plays an important role in organizing a B2B brand. It lets you know how many of your audience are turned into your customers.

Compare Initial Attendance Figures to the Drop-Out Rate

Compare Initial Attendance Figures to the Drop-Out Rate will help you get a fairly accurate picture of your event’s success. Alternatively, you can add a check-in or check-out feature to your event app in order to keep a track of attendance figures throughout your event.

Track Social Media Growth

The Social Media is one of the important factors for the success of an event. Hence, tracking the Social Media growth, you can measure the audience engagement in your event.

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