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4 Best Places to Buy a Used Car From Without Hitting a Bump

When it comes to buying a used car at Bangalore there are multiple sources available to a buyer. However, in Bangalore the onesthat are popular are:

  1. Owner of the Car

The good thing about this source is that there is no middleman involved. So you get to save some money on commissions paid. But the inspection of the car will entirely be your responsibility. The owner may or may not be honest about the condition of the car.

  1. Reputed Dealerships

There are many reputed dealers who act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. They have multiple cars available of multiple brands. So you as a buyer can have multiple options available to choose from. However, make sure that the dealer has not got the car transferred to his name. If that has happened then you are buying a third hand car and its value will reduce further in coming years.

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  1. The OEM

You can buy a used car directly from the car company itself. The cars that you can buy from here will be thoroughly checked and serviced. You will also get warranty on the parts that are replaced. But these cars will come at a higher cost than the market because of the service and warranty.

  1. Web Aggregators

There are several web aggregators who collect information of used cars available on other platforms and present it in comparative manner. The cars are inspected for quality and security. You can compare different aspects of pre-used cars and purchase from here.

The choice of source should depend on the parameter that is most important for you as a buyer. If service matters then OEMs are ideal option. But if you are looking at price then direct owners are a good option.


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