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5 Types of Computer Desk for Your Home or Office

Whether you work at a company office or at a home office, the type of desk you use can truly affect your overall productivity.  That does not necessarily mean that one type of desk is, necessarily, more productive than another, but it helps to understand how each of these different desk designs can influence your ability to work and how quickly you are able to accomplish everything on your to-do list.


Rectangular desks are classic but they can also be pretty versatile. You can place them in the center of the room or in the corner or against the wall. You can add another desk in an adjacent area or another smaller piece of furniture to increase your workspace area.


The L-shape computer desk has become quite popular these days because it basically gives you twice as much surface area as the traditional rectangular desk without taking up much more space.  Plus you can place it in a corner and simply turn 90 degrees at a time to find all of the tools and other supplies you need. You get more storage both above and below—and on the surface, of course—for increased efficiency without much difference than an old school rectangular desk.

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Basically, this is a type of L-shaped desk, but these tend to be designed to provide yet more storage and other work space options.  Also, an L-shaped desk tends to be longer on one side while the corner desk might have even sides.


A bit more substantial than all the others, the U-shaped computer desk is a bit of a monster.  You can really only put this type of work station in the middle of a room so it does not allow for very much flexibility.  It does have a lot of surface area, so you could add shelves or other things to make even better use of the space.


One of the most recent developments, particularly in terms of the home office, is the floating desk.  This type of desk attaches directly to the wall, like a shelving unit.  Most of the time, too, they can be folded up when not in use, making even better use of what little space you might have for a home office.


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