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5 wordpress plugins that you must have in your website as a beginner

When there was certainly time when building a website used to be a daunting work!

Regarded as the weapon of only skilled programmers that came with a hefty price has now just become a social norm!

With WordPress getting a popularity rise, even a beginner level non-IT guy can pull off a brilliant website!

But having a website is just a starting point of getting bigger in the online space.

Here are 5 WordPress plugins that every beginner must have in his/her website

Yoast SEO

This has to be one of the must have plugin if you are working on WordPress. SEO is the bread and butter of any online business. To sustain a business, you must have a stream of ongoing leads. And this is only possible with optimum SEO methodology.

Yoast SEO is all about getting your on-page RIGHT! It lets you add page titles, description, manipulate meta robots etc. Also, it’s knowledge base is filled with great content that will guide you through every process.

Total Cache

Some may argue total cache with super cache. But I personally prefer Total Cache for its easy to use functionality and individual options that it provides.

Speed is a major factor in Google’s eye. If your website carries a lot of files especially with bulky JS and CSS files, it tends to get a little slow. This is where Total Cache comes to action.

You can also use this post as a reference to get your settings right.


Security will always be a common threat for any online businesses. And WordPress is not a invisible CMS. If you have every used a plugin that doesn’t updates well or a theme that has few loopholes to exploit, your website is always in danger. However, with WordFence you can minimize the threats with its constant updates.

Backup Buddy

Even with a great security, there is always a risk of content theft or damage. This is where backupbuddy does its magic. This is one of the most reliable backup plugin in WordPress respiratory. And gets your job done in a matter of few clicks.

Optin Monster

Optin Monster has to be one of the most cheapest and effective list building options I have used. There are varieties of forms like popup forms or squeeze forms that you can use to easily convert your visitors into subscribers. The ready made templates are one of the most conversion friendly ones and most effective when used with content offering great value.

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Marilyn is a junior copy writer at Web Mage shedding her knowledge in the field of blogging and SEO. She started her journey as a part time blogger which now has become her day to day job.

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