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Advantages of using LED grow lights in your aquaponics systems

You must have wondered why indoor gardeners use LED glow lights in their aquaponics systems when they have so many other options. Well, led grow lights are known for their cost-effectiveness and the ability to maintain optimum heat levels. Besides, these lights come with certain other advantages too. Read on to know why LED lights are preferred for aquaponics and hydroponics systems.

Limited air conditioning

First of all, you must know that LED lights generate the least amount of heat. Therefore, you need limited air conditioning for the purpose. It will save you a substantial amount of electricity costs, as air conditioning will be needed for a limited duration. You can also use small exhaust fans to eliminate the heat produced in the system.

Easy to set up

Installing LED lights in your hydroponics Systems involves no complicated tasks. The users simply need to hang them around the desired area and plug them. It is easier than mounting bulky reflectors and ballasts to keep them in the right place. You need no additional charges to install the lights.

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 Low maintenance costs

Most of the LED light providers warrant the products for at least five years. After you install the lights, you only need to pay the standard electric bills every month. Apart from this, no heavy charges are to be paid for maintenance too frequently.


When you opt for reflective coverings for the walls, photons are emitted on all the directions. You need to reduce the hot spots by installing various types of wall coverings. However, when you use LED lamps, no such complications are involved in the process.

Led lights are safe for the plants and animal lives in your systems. Although fluorescent and incandescent lights are available for the purpose it is wise to install LED lamps in aquaponics and hydroponics systems.


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