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Apple Has Launched Major iOS 11.3 Update

Apple, the American multinational technology company, has rolled out the next major update on iOS that is going to be available for users of iPad and iPhone to download and install.

The updated is the 12th major update to the eleventh major release, iOS 11. It’s also the first major iOS release to address the performance that is throttling criticism that Apple Inc. endured in Dec 2017.

After it emerged, the multinational technology company intentionally slowed down older iPhones so as to preserve battery life. Released on 29 March 2018, iOS 11.3 allows users to change that option with “Battery Health”, a new feature

The new feature aims to provide users more information, especially about how their iPhones’ batteries are performing. It is going to give the maximum capacity details and whether there is a performance throttling in place. Also, if users want to, they now have the option of turning off performance throttling. The performance management on the iPhone is switched off by default. It’s only put in place when the phone experiences an unexpected shutdown.

The company stated that users are now able to see whenever the power management feature, which dynamically manages maximum performance, preventing unexpected shutdowns, introduced for the first time in the tenth major release (iOS 10.2.1), was on and they can opt to switch it off.

Besides the normal tweaks to performance as well as security updates, there are several other smaller features that might be helpful to users.

Inside Apple News (mobile app and news aggregator) is a new section called “For You” offering curated news plus videos that it thinks the user might like. Also, in Apple Music, there’s a new music video section. Users are now able to sort apps reviews in the digital distribution platform called App Store by most recent, most critical or most favourable.

Apple has also made several changes regarding AR (augmented reality), although app developers are the ones that are most likely to use them.

The newest version of ARKit enables developers to put digital objects on surfaces that are vertical such as doors and walls in addition to surfaces that are horizontal.

Also, it adds support for detecting as well as incorporating images such as artwork or movie posters into augmented reality experiences, and it supports a real-world camera view of a higher resolution when the users are using augmented reality experiences. What that means is that apps and games using the ARKit framework are going to become more practical and immersive.

Animoji, animated emoji (ideograms and smileys) that mimic the voice and facial expressions of the user, have also been updated, in the form of 4 new characters.

Apple stated that iOS 11.3 had introduced four new Animoji, which gives users of iPhone X the capability of expressing themselves as a skull, dragon, bear or lion. Working with the TrueDepth camera and the A11 Bionic chip in iPhone X, more than 50 facial muscle movements that are different are captured, analysed and animated, and users are capable of sending Animoji messages to other people as one of the 16 different characters.

In an effort to make it easier when it comes to keeping track of the user’s health, Apple has updated the Health app as well, so that users can now store records from clinics and hospital if they want.

How to Download the New Update – Go to Settings icon found on the home screen and click General. After that, scroll down and find Software Update, then hit confirm. The devices that are eligible include all the iPhones from iPhone 5s upwards and all the iPads from iPad mini 2 upwards.

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