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Clever Ways to Improve Your Company’s Security

3 Clever Ways to Improve Your Company’s Security

Modern businesses operate in difficult times. Last year, business email compromise scams targeted more than 400 businesses every day. One hundred new malware families were released, which is more than triple the amount of new malware threats seen in years prior. Ransomware attacks also rose sharply by 36 percent. A growing reliance on the internet makes online security threats a valid concern for all businesses, but none more so than online firms. Keeping your business safe from these threats requires outsmarting hackers. Here are some clever online security solutions that can give your internet-based business the upper hand against cybercriminals.

Use a Separate Payment Terminal Network

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Most businesses have a single dedicated professional network. However, using a separate payment terminal network significantly reduces your risk of becoming a cybercrime victim, according to Marc Prosser of Bplans.

More than 90 percent of all cybercrimes are committed using information stolen from employees unwittingly sharing their identification and access credentials with hackers. These employees typically fall for phishing emails, clicking links and completing forms that give cybercriminals access to system information. That’s all they need to access your main network. If that network includes your payment terminal, your bank accounts and customer data will be compromised.

When your payment terminal is on a separate network, hackers will hit a brick wall before reaching your most prized information. Grant payment terminal network access only to one or two vital, trusted personnel to significantly lower your risks of a successful cyberattack.

Use a Cloud Access Security Broker

Increased reliance on cloud services is making businesses more vulnerable, according to Jerry Bowles of Diginomica. A cloud access security broker (CASB) can help you combat the threat of hackers infiltrating your business via the cloud. CASBs are programs standing in between cloud users and their cloud providers. They monitor activity closely, policing the cloud service provider’s compliance with government regulations and preferred security practices. In 2015, less than 5 percent of large businesses used CASBs. By 2020, Gartner expects that 85 percent of businesses will use CASBs to make their cloud-based applications more secure.

Regularly Train Staff and Test for Effectiveness

The cybercrime landscape is constantly evolving with new threats arising every year. That’s why simply training new staff upon hiring is inadequate. HR People + Strategy suggests that cybersecurity training should occur every quarter.

No matter what your industry, it’s likely that your entire workforce uses the internet. All employees should thus receive this training. Train staff in small groups with information relevant to their positions. If workers receive detailed information on topics unrelated to them, they’re likely to tune out and miss what they need to know.

There’s no point spending time and money training employees on cybersecurity if you never test its effectiveness. Simulated attacks are one of the best ways to test how your employees would respond to a threat. Programs like PhishMe and Gophish let you see how your workforce would act when presented with a phishing scam and help you identify employees who need further training.

While the threat of cybercrime is real and growing, employing clever online security solutions can help you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and keep your online business and its vital data safe.

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