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Creating Shareable Content on Social Media

Although almost 90% of all companies engage in content marketing of some form, there are very few companies within each industry which manage to produce contagious content that other internet uses want to share. Luckily for all today we are going to be providing some top tips to those looking to create shareable content on social media, so if you are looking for ultimate social media success, continue to read this article at your peril…

First of all let’s discuss what motivates social media users to share content. There are a number of psychological triggers that inspire users to engage on online activities and here are just a few:

  • Sharing content is a great way to express ones personality
  • Sharing social content allows people to nurture their relationships with other
  • People often share social content to support ideas, political views and personal beliefs
  • A high number of people share entertainment based content such as humour, memes, videos and music

Making Your Content More Shareable

Here are some tips to make your social content more shareable:

  • Create high quality content at all times, there is no room for mistakes
  • Use smart structuring – users get turned off when they keep seeing huge blocks of text
  • Add value to your target audiences lives – providing them with free tips and advice etc.
  • Think about your audience at all times, considering the things that they would like to see you post
  • Create infographics which are informative but also easy to understand
  • Don’t be scared of triggering people’s emotions – If you see a good cause trending on Twitter, don’t be scared to back it and share your views. Users often like companies who have a personal side
  • Talk about old times, not only in relation to your business but also industry – This could trigger people to think about things that they haven’t thought about for a while
  • Offer incentives – You could consider hosting a competition on social media. Competitions often encourage people to engage and get involved
  • Exploit trendy topics – Try and stay current posting about new trends and products in your industry
  • Use video content – Videos posted on social media are more likely to go viral than any other kind of content
  • Consider employing an internet marketing agency to assist you, this will allow you to rest assured knowing that your social media is going to be effective and allow you to focus on other business aspects

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