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Different Types of Shrink Wrap

Often when new to shrink wrapping people do not realise that there are many different types of shrink wrap available, both in terms of materials and machinery. The types of shrink wrap available vary dramatically, and today we are going to be explaining just a few types to all. We think that it is important for us to do this so that people can determine which the best machines and shrink methods are for their individual needs and requirements, whether they require an L sealer, a pallet wrapper or something completely different. Let’s go…

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Shrink sleeves – One incredibly common type of shrink wrapping for retail packaging is shrink sleeves. Shrink sleeves are often printed and placed over bottles and other confectionary items to brand products. Take the Coca-Cola bottle label for example, this is a prime example and it recognised around the world. When opting for this type of shrink wrapping people should practise a lot before they package their actual products, it pays to be neat.

Shrink tubing – Shrink tubing is similar to shrink sleeves, with the main difference being that shrink tubing is generally on a continuous roll, as opposed to individual pieces. This tubing is often made from PVC with popular uses including packaging cases of liquid and canned products.

Shrink bags – Shrink bags, possible the easiest shrink wrap product to describe. Shrink bags have three enclosed sides and one open side – much similar to all other bags. When using these users are required to put their products in the bags, seal the opening and apply heat. These bags also generally come in PBC similar to many other shrink wrapping materials.

Industrial shrink wrap – Industrial shrink wrap is other very thick and highly durable – made to wrap larger and more difficult objects. Industrial shrink wrap, which can be used to wrap things as large as boats, is often made from Polyethylene or Polypropylene with thicknesses starting from around 6mm and going up to 20mm.

Shrink tape – Shrink tape is often used in place of electrical tubing. People using it often wrap electrical wires with shrink tape, apply heat to them and fit to wires. This kind of tape is often used to connect multiple wires together.

Pallet shrink wrap bags – Pallet shrink wrap bags are still for many the preferred method of stabilising and protecting pallet loads of products, although a lot of people choose to use stretch film to do this also.  These bags are shrunk with propane heat guns to tightly secure pallets and enable whatever the pallets are holding to be safe whilst in transportation.

These are only some of the different shrink films available too, if you are looking to invest in shrink film we advise that you carry out further research until you are 100% certain that you have found the best shrink for you individual needs and requirements

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