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Does Your Company Have a Website?

The internet is taking over the high street – With more and more companies now choosing to sell their products and services online as opposed to from physical stores. The majority of companies that have physical locations even choose to have websites as well as they realise that this is the way forward!

With this in mind, if you take a look in the internet today you will quickly discover that abundance of websites that it is home too. Within each individual industry and location, no matter how small you may believe it to be, there will be many companies competing against each other for custom. For this reason it is not only important for company owners to ensure that they have websites, but for them to ensure that their websites are better than the companies that they are competing against.

But how can this be achieved? Especially by those whom have no idea about website design and development. Many company owners upon realising that they should have a website change their mind as they simply do not know where to start. Others get websites built cheaply by companies who don’t really have any design flare of SEO knowledge.

When it comes to websites for companies, good designs that look great aren’t only important either. SEO also needs to be taken into consideration otherwise people end up with great looking websites that no one can find.

SEO, short for search engine optimisation, refers to the process of affecting the online visibility of a website in a web search engine’s search results – offer referred to a natural and organic listings. SEO strategies are made up of many different aspects, and usually should be left to the professional who know what they are doing.

SEO best practices like the internet evolve every day and are always changing making it difficult for those outside of the internet marketing industry to keep up. Some of the main SEO focuses at the moment for example are responsive designs and HTTPS.

If you company does not have a website we suggest that you contact professionals such as RS Digital who will be able to build you a website that works, looks great and brings in results.

If you already have a website, RS Digital can also help you. Currently offering digital marketing audits, RS Digital are available to review and audit websites, explaining what needs to be changed and improved in order to maximise custom and success.

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