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Factors to Consider for Mobile App Development Cost Estimate

The mobile market is booming at the speed of light. More and more mobile applications are adding to the mobile industry, with no sign of slowing down of this trend. In such a scenario, developing your own mobile app is a profitable decision.

However, don’t just jump directly into the mobile app development. Understand its needs, its benefits, and most importantly, the cost of developing a mobile app. Taking the last factor into consideration, we will discuss mobile app development cost estimate in this article.

The Right Way to Get a Mobile App Development Cost Estimate

When it comes to developing a mobile application, there is no booklet or guide to find the exact cost. An app can be created for anything ranging from $20,000 to $450,000. Surprised? Tensed how to find how much does it cost to make an app for your business?

The mobile application development cost depends on various factors. So, the right way to get a mobile app development cost estimate is to consider these factors:

  1. App Development Approach: Though the Native application will be a complete package with exclusive UI design, access to native device features, and other such functionalities, it will demand a higher cost. Whereas, hybrid application development will be cheaper to land in the mobile industry with lesser facilities.
  2. Location: If you are looking forward to outsourcing, you will be familiar with the fact that location influences the app development cost. While the app development price in a developed country like the US will be nearly $160/hr, it will be less than $70/hr in developing nations. To give a glimpse, here’s an image by TechCrunch sharing the hourly app development price as per the region.
  3. App Team Size: The size of your hired mobile app team can also sway the app development costing. If a freelancer or a small team of 5-6 experts is handling your project, the pricing will vary between $2,000 and $25,000. But, if a team of 500+ employees are turning your app idea into reality, the charges will be in the range $25,000-$2,00,000. Likewise, the costing for app development by a top Android and iOS app development company of 3000+ experts will be $450,000 to $1,500,000.
  4. Design: The mobile app design cost also varies from the type of visual elements you add to your app project. More the customized interfaces, more complex will it be to implement, and so, higher will be the price.
  5. Features and Technologies: The features and technologies you are adding to your app idea also have a major impact on the mobile application development costing. More the features and technologies involved, more will be the price of the mobile application. To help you out, here’s a rough estimate of the costing of a few popular features:
    1. Geo-Location Services: $7,500-$17,000
    2. Social Media Integration: $2,000-$15,000
    3. Email login: $5,500-$7,500
    4. In-app purchase: $5,500-$15,000
  1. Development: Another factor to consider when talking about how to get a mobile app development cost estimate is to check the man-hours required for coding. To give a clear idea, here’s the costing based on three broader categories:
    1. Simple App: $80,000
    2. Database based app: $100,000- $150,000
    3. Advanced, multi-feature app: $150,000- $250,000
  1. Code Reusability: According to the top mobile app development experts, reusing app code can reduce the overall mobile app development cost by 20-30%. However, you should reuse only the common elements like Login page. This will cut down the mobile application development efforts and cost without affecting the quality and innovation.
  2. Security: There are various security tools and technique available in the market. The better the tools you choose, the higher will be the cost.
  3. App Testing and Launch: App Testing is like an entry ticket to the mobile market. It evaluates if your mobile application is ready to enter the market or not. Neglecting this phase might become the reason behind your app failure. Wondering how much does it cost to test your mobile application? If talking about an Android app, app testing is a bit costlier due to platform fragmentation.

Likewise, iOS applications are expensive from the app launching point of view since Apple charges $99/year whereas Google’s one-time developer fee is only $25.

  1. App Maintenance and Update: According to the mobile app development companies, app maintenance involves 20% of the total application development cost. Whereas, the app update price revolves around the cost of features and functionalities you are planning to add into your app.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the mobile app marketing strategy also influences the overall cost. So, don’t skip your marketing budget while calculating mobile app development cost estimate.

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