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Five SEO Tips Not to Forget this Year

With so many different companies now offering SEO services in Lancashire and across the country, many businesses quickly choose to leave their SEO in their hands of the professionals. Whilst this is most probably the best decision that they could make, it is vital that when choosing to leave SEO to professionals that you take some time to understand what SEO is and how it should be implemented for the most beneficial results.

With this in mind, today we are going to be offering five quick SEO boosting tips for all to consider and understand. Here goes:

Five SEO Tips



Add value: You need to ensure that all of the content relating to your business, especially on your website and onsite blog is not only relevant to your target audience butthat it also provides value. Writing a good piece of content is good;however you need to ensure that the content put in front of your customers and potential customers is of interest to them. Here are a few tips:

  • Examine previous content to discover popular topics
  • Take time to learn about your target audience, finding questions which you can answer
  • Don’t be scared to expand your niche area, broadening the things that you talk about whilst ensuring that the information that you’re providing is still interesting to your target audience

Facilitate the browsing experience:

Enable smooth visits all round by following these tips:

  • Fix any broken links to minimise error pages
  • When creating content think about both readability and crawlability
  • Ensure sites navigation is as good as possible, from the menu to the link structure and page designs
  • Don’t disregard page speed – testing it from time to time to ensure that it hasn’t dropped
  • Consider AMP


Invest more time in content:

It is now important for people to focus on content rather than its optimisation. Content must be appealing to audiences and read well. Don’t rush content; it is more important than you could ever believe.


Optimise visual content:


Visual content is also becoming moreimportant; however people tend to forget how visual content should still be optimised for search engines. Luckily for all this only takes a few minutes when following this advice:

  • Think carefully about titles
  • Add alt text, metadata and keywords
  • Pay attention to file size’s

These are only a few of the tips too!


Keep online footprint up-to-date:

Make sure that you keep your online footprint up-to-date across the web, ensuring that your address is up-to-date on all platforms and that the information and contact details that you are providing are correct and consistent.

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