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Get the Perfect Drone at Prime Cables

Nowadays, drones are getting popular. They are commonly used to showcase a certain place by getting an aerial shot of it with the use of a drone. It’s been one of the best-seller electronic gadgets today. If you’re one of those people whose eyes are wide-open for the best drone available, then you definitely check Prime Cables out.

Yes, Primecables is one of the most reliable online shops when it comes to different types of products. It is almost impossible not to find what you need here. Aside from drones, they also offer other things like wall mounts for big screens, printers and their accessories and still a lot more.

The good thing about this company is they are committed to only provide the best products to their customers especially to the Canadian market.

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They sell such great drones, and here are some of them:

XtremeXFlyer Aerial 6 Axis Remote Control Quadcopter Drone

This drone has a lot to offer. It is ready to fly remote control drone that has live stream capabilities. It can fly up to 10 minutes straight and 300 ft range which allows the possibilities of high-performance flips and maneuverings.This drone can be used easily used at night compared to other drones since this one has multi-color LED lights perfect for night flying.

XtremeXFlyer 6 Axis Remote Control Quadcopter Drone

This drone can fly up to 300 ft as well, which allows the endless possibilities great performance of maneuvering and flips. This comes with HD camera which can take photos and videos with the help of two easy to reach buttons. This drone comes with four extra propellers, USB charging cable, 4GB Micro SD card and ready, and manual.

Parrot Minidrone Swing with Flypad Controller

This drone is the only drone that allows you to fly a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It can perform aerobatics, rolls, and flips. It can be controlled with FreeFlight Mini App, and it includes USB chargeable flight battery. So those are some of the drones that they offer. As you can see, their drones can offer you a lot of things, so make sure to get one now. If you’re looking for a VGA cable, you can find it here. VGA cable from is one of the best. So if you need one, make sure to get it here.


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