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Go with git pull and be the force with you

Technology is rapidly growing from day to day and changing the lives of the people. They are tending towards the newer technology to make their lives easier in some or the other way. Hence more and more advance forms of networks are introduced every now and then so that data transfer becomes fast and easy from one place to another. This in turn generates revenue of a business. On such technology is git force pull.  This force pull is generally used to overwrite the local files in a company that are lost.

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Steps involved in is using the git pull for overwriting the local files

  • One of the team members modifies the templates for the website for which the employees are working.
  • They add the necessary images in the image directory but unfortunately fail to remember adding them under the source control file.
  • The images are sent by mail to other location.
  • Then other person does the work of adding these images to the source control and pulls them from the Git hub together making the other changes.

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Reason of using git pulls force in a centralized manner

Although git force pull is decentralized still they are used in a centralized manner in many companies today with a view to version control. One of the major reasons why git is so popular is that it is decentralized ie., nearly all the repositories are equal. Hence, there is no middle repository. But most of the companies are using git in a centralized manner. In this type, there is a git hub that is used by the people to push to or pull from. It is not possible to use git pull in a decentralized manner i.e. pulling and pushing to other colleagues is not possible simultaneously.


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