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How Cloud Computing Is Impacting How We Do Business

Business corporations all over the world are incorporating cloud computing into their operations. In simple terms, cloud computing is the ability to access thousands of virtual networks that are found in different locations around the world remotely. These virtual servers have the storage and processing capabilities similar to any physical computer in your home or office. According to a survey that was conducted in 2017, over 40% of small companies and big corporations are planning to increase their resource allocation on the use of cloud computing.

However, large business enterprises are embracing this technology faster and more efficiently as compared to smaller companies due to their access to resources. Over 50% of mid to large-sized business entities are planning to increase their resource allocation to cloud computing. This is a bit higher as compared to 35% of small companies that are willing to increase their budgetary allocations to cloud technologies. Cloud computing is critical to improving customer support and business operations while saving on operational costs. Moreover, cloud computing enables the employees of your business to operate remotely. In this article, we are going to highlight how cloud computing is going to impact businesses now and in the future.

Facilitating a flexible workplace

When companies adopt cloud computing technology, the employees benefit significantly. The employees of a cloud-enabled business enterprise can work from home. Cloud enables the storage of business and work-related information and documents in a remote server where it can be accessed remotely. According to a study that was conducted by Gallup in 2015, the number of telecommuting employees inflated from 9% to 37% between the years 1997 and 2014. This transformation can be attributed to the adoption of cloud technology by many businesses since 2010. It is estimated that the average employee telecommutes at least twice a month. Millennials also prefer to work from home rather than going to the traditional brick and mortar office for eight hours.

Improving operations

Cloud computing enables business organizations to scale their computing solutions as they continue to advance and grow. Today, companies do not have to purchase more servers or hide them in the closet for them to expand their operations. Instead, these business enterprises can alter their usage with the cloud computing services provider such as Small Tree. The only thing that will happen is that the cloud services provider will charge you more fees and allocate you more space and processing power. The company can also contact their cloud services provider to scale down their space and processing power if they don’t need it. Big corporations are now benefiting from a variety of new possibilities that come with cloud computing.

A more effective customer support

Cloud computing allows the creation of more valuable custom-made applications for customers and a better customer care service. Consumers want their questions answered promptly and ability to buy products from a specific business always of the day and night. Cloud computing makes this very possible. Business staff from around the globe can gain access to the same services and information to support consumers at any time of day and night.

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