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Learn More AboutEMV Connectivity Products From AvaLAN

Those days are history when you used to deal with wired EMV connection for covering fuel dispensers. This used to give rise to digging and lot of hassle. Now, thanks to AvaLAN and its EMV connectivity products, you can always made EMV easy deal to consider with easy interface and user-friendly tactics. That might be one of the major reasons for Cincinnati based Kroger to choose AvaLAN over other companies and EMV services. This company is able to offer secure, high speed and reliable forms of Ethernet units, designed keeping EMV upgrade in mind. Such upgrades are designed for fuel dispensers mostly.

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More on EMV access point:

The current EMV access point from AvaLAN Wireless or its in-store device is constructed for ultimate reliability and security. It comprises of AW094EMVAP and AW584EMVAP, which are able to provide secure form of local wireless network connectivity to all the fuel dispensers. Along with that, the wireless version of local area network along with secure managed switch is well-integrated into unit for connecting some added fuel devices. Some of those examples are merchant service gateway, point of sale system and even forecourt controller. These factors are some of the positive signs of this company and its tested mechanism.

More on the options:

This EMV IDSU from AvaLANis solely designed for installing inside your fuel dispenser. The forecourt access point helps in securely connecting fuel dispenser to the present store’s network. Along with that, he platform comprises of secure wireless form of local area connectivity with a network segmented and managed switch. These are used for connecting the main fuel dispensers CPU board with other associated forms of Ethernet devices, located inside dispenser. You can always check out the wireless EMV data sheet online for more details. Right now, AvaLAN is excited to work with Kroger and cover 10,000 fuel dispensers.

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