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OnePlus 6

OnePlus has released all the important details about their latest phone: the OnePlus 6 and its variants.

The OnePlus 6 will feature a 6.3 inch AMOLED screen. AMOLED stands for active matrix organic light emitting diode. It adds a layer of semiconducting behind the OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen. This layer means that each pixel is activated more quickly consequently making the phone faster and provided high definition which is ideal for a larger screen such as the one OnePlus 6 has.

OnePlus 6 has a 2.7GHz Snapdragon 845, 6BG RAM and 128GB of storage and a dual camera.

As good as the OnePlus 6 sounds with its efficient and sleek screen, fast and large specs, you may not wish to run out and buy one if you’re all about minimalist look and style. The OnePlus 6 has a notched screen: a cut out at the top of the screen that hosts different features such as the front camera. It may be fine by some people’s standards but, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, to some it may be quite off putting.

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Though using the same ‘notch’ has the iPhone X, the CEO of OnePlus Carl Pei has assured that it is far smaller than Apple’s and so may not be as much of a nuisance by taking up space.

Originally said to be released in March, the OnePlus 6 failed to show up in the third month of the year and we are still waiting for an official release from OnePlus. Due to the delay, there isn’t much word on how much the OnePlus 6 could set you back.

If you’re understandably keen however to find out an estimated price, then all you have to do is look at other similar planned smartphones by OnePlus. For example, OnePlus announced that they are working on a OnePlus 6 with 8GB RAM which is said to eventually be retailed for £530. This variant should arrive ready to buy later in 2018. The OnePlus 6 variant will also have 256GB of storage.

On the platform of Twitter, Pei spoke about ‘fast’ smartphones and that it doesn’t just concern a quick loading screen or smooth browsing experience. He believes that a truly fast phone operates at a high standard all of time even if the phone is being used at its maximum capacity. He believes that having a less than 1 chance in 1000 of freezing is what a fast smartphone should be. Basically, Pei said that the OnePlus 6 is raising the bar.

OnePlus has boasted about its FSE team which ensures that smartphones are Fast, Stable and Efficient. Pei claims that this new standard will make demanding games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) playable with its raised bar on quality.

FSE is given the task of ensuring that the smartphones OnePlus produce are the best they can be. The vast reviews about the range of OnePlus smartphones reportedly praise the devices for being as fast as they claim to be.

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