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Quick tips to help make your brain more sharp

With age, the IQ level of the brain also changes. In most cases, brain tends to decline in performance with age. However, this is a condition that can be reversed. In this article, you will get to share few important tips that you can follow to help make your brain faster with age.

Mental stimulation

The moment you activate or stimulate your brain, it starts generating new cells. If this task is performed on regular basis then you can ensure that in future your brain will be generating healthier nerve cells. You can get involved with numerous activities that can stimulate your brain cells. One of the effective ways is to try out mental gymnastics like solving puzzles, drawing, painting, or other such activities.

Exercise regularly

The moment your body exercises it stimulates your brain. This proves helpful in exercising your brain. Your blood vessels pump in more volume of blood and oxygen. It rejuvenates your brain cells. This also proves helpful in improving your memory. It can kill away your stress and depression.

Diet factor

It is ideal to try to consume healthy diet. It improves the health of your body and mind.

  • Regulate the calorie intake by monitoring it. It is advisable to intake more of organic calorie.
  • Also, ensure that you avoid eating food that can harm your health. Saturated fats and fatty acids may not be advisable at old age.
  • Always ensure that your body gets right level of Vitamins. You should try and consume more of green vegetables and whole grains.

how to memorise a deck of cards

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Regulate your BP

This is one important factor that most health experts will suggest you at old age. Increased blood pressure can damage your brain cells. Ensue that you change your life style so your blood pressure is regulated.  It is advisable to regularly exercise mild sessions. Avoid stress and eat healthy food will help in maintaining best level of blood pressure.

Maintain Blood sugar level

With age, your blood sugar level will also get affected. This in turn will affect your memory. It is advisable to check with blood sugar level on regular basis after certain age. If you are suffering from High blood sugar level, then try to cut down on sugar intake.

Regulate cholesterol

Cholesterol is never god for your body and brain. High level of bad cholesterol can affect the performance of your brain. To maintain good level of cholesterol in your body you need to implement many exercise sessions.

Another great way of exercising your brain is by memorising a deck of cards. You can learn how to memorise a deck of cards through reliable sources for such an exercise.

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