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Significance Of React And Redux Developer Tools

These days, Redux is one of the most popular libraries in the segment of front-end development. It is best classified as a predictable state container for JavaScript applications or application data-flow architecture instead of a traditional framework or library such as Underscore.js and AngularJS.

In this piece of information, we will be reading about React and Redux developer tools to gain a clear and complete understanding.

New technologies are fun but only if they can actually be used in a development environment. This means there must be available tools and resources to help you understand, design, and debug the new technology. React is well covered in terms of debugging and design tools.

Available for Firefox and Chrome, React Developer Tools are a browser extension for React. This browser extension lets you inspect the component hierarchies of React in the Virtual DOM. You also get the opportunity to choose individual components and thereafter examine and edit their present state and properties. Not only this, you can also keep a track on the hierarchy of any component and then move on to discovering both the parent as well as the child components.

There is a similar set of developer tools for Redux if you are using it. This set of tools lets you observe dispatched actions and present state stores and even let you view changes on those stores. Not only this, you also get the opportunity to modify stores or dispatch actions and view the changes getting reflected right away. Updates are kept within the tool and it is possible for you to make a return to previous states. In short, time travel is a reality without the involvement of a TARDIS (Time and relative dimension in space).

We hope that this guide on React and Redux developer tools was helpful to you in countless ways.

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