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Software Tool for the Employee Evaluation

As we know that every employee plays an important role in an organization, no matter company is small or big. The company cannot grow without the contribution of the employee. So it is important to measure their daily performance and improve the development. For this evaluation, the HR department plays an important role and it is one of the best options. Sometimes in large organizations it also becomes hectic for HR department, to evaluate the employee performance. But, today as we all know that the internet has an answer to every problem.

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So, for evaluation procedure one of the most promising sites is GrapeVine. They provide 360-degree feedback tool to ease the task of HR departments. With the help of this tool, one can easily generate, direct and distribute online 360 employee evaluations. This tool helps you in every situation; no matter there is 10 or 1000 employee. If you have any doubt you can watch the video of 90 seconds on their official web page.


In this 360 feedback process, the employee receives confidential feedback from the employee who works with them.

Why choose this method?

With the help of 360-degree feedback tool, you can easily recognize and find out the talent within your company. As compared to another method like meetings, work-shadowing or development centers, it is cost-effective.  At an instant of time, you can set many employees, you want through the process.


  • You do not need to install or download any software because the tool they provide is a cloud-based
  • GrapeVine’s main advantage is that they are environment-friendly as well as mobile-friendly too.
  • No matter it is question content or the report output, their tool is totally customizable to meet up your needs.
  • Their tool is more user friendly as compare to other complicated evaluation tools.

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