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SyncMate, Top App To Sync Mac With Android And Other Options Available Too

Proper tool can easily help in synchronizing Mac and even Android devices in the smoothest manner possible. These two sectors are not at all designed to work together. But, there are certain apps available, which can let this work function smoothly. Well, SyncMate, top app to sync Mac with Android can be one such option to look into. There are other names available in the list as well, and that will help in synchronizing Mac with Android.


This seems to be the first choice, as it helps in transferring files for certain backup purposes. It is further used for synchronizing data between Mac and Android apps with precision. It is known to offer user-friendly interface, well navigating through both power users and regular ones. Other than synchronizing calendars, contacts, music, bookmarks and playlists, it can help in mounting Android devices as a proper disk.

Dukto R6:

This app is used for transferring only files between Android and Mac devices. When compared to SyncMate, it is not that versatile enough, but still it can prove to be a good app for this issue. Most users choose this app because of its simple user interface. It is also known to be small file transfer utility, which can be used for transferring data over LAN.


Among the various top apps to sync Mac with Android, TunesGo holds a place. It allows you to install, import and even backup Android apps in certain batches, with the option to even uninstall some at your own will. You get the chance to manage SMS, contacts and even backup media files with the help of this app.

These are few of the options available and you get to choose some more, if needed. From DoubleTwist to Android File Transfer, there are other options available too in this segment now.

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