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Teeth Whitening And The How To’s

Teeth Whitening is most popular in cosmetic dental procedures.  This procedure helps one to take out stains and discolorations. Almost all of the dentists perform teeth whitening. Also, teeth whitening should not be a one-time procedure. It is highly recommended that one avails this regularly to maintain those pearly whites.

What Makes Our  Teeth  Looking Yellow?

A lot of factors causes the teeth to turn dull and yellow. Specific kinds of foods can stain your enamel. Also, plaque builds fast on your teeth which causes them to become yellow. At the time your teeth will look yellow because the hard enamel has already eroded. If this happens, it will reveal your dentin, and this is naturally yellow.

Four Natural Ways You Can Whiten Your Teeth.

  1. Brushing use of Baking Soda – natural whitening properties is present in baking sodas. Commercial toothpaste contains this; it is also a mild abrasive that scrubs away the stains of your teeth.

A specific study shows that toothpaste with baking soda is far more efficient. For use, you need to mix 1tsp of baking soda with 2tsp of water then start brushing your teeth.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar- For many centuries this has been used both as a disinfectant and cleaning product. The acetic acid in vinegar is useful in killing bacterias. On the other hand, acetic acid has the potential to erode the enamel on one’s teeth. The use of apple cider vinegar should be limited. For usage, it has to be used as a mouthwash, dilute in water gargle then rinse with water afterward.
  2. Vegetables and fruits- A diet of vegetables and fruits is both good for the body and teeth. They do not substitute brushing when you eat fruits and vegetables the chewing process helps rub away plaque build up.
  3. Indian folk remedy – Oil pulling is a traditional remedy that helps in the improvement of oral hygiene and removal of toxins from the body.

This traditional practice will need you to swish oil inside your mouth. The best oil to use for this is coconut oil. Coconut oil has a pleasant taste and is high in content in lauric acid. Lauric acid kills bacteria and minimizes inflammation.

Natural methods are safe but at times though not yet proven for its effectivity. The need for professional help like one coming from a dentist is still best recommended. Dentists should take note that there is a market for such especially if people are educated on oral hygiene.

Dentists may be able to spread awareness through their websites or social media accounts. They can get expert marketing assistance via a company that can do seo for dentists.

When To See A Professional

Teeth whitening and re- whitening is done most of the time inside a dentists office. Whitening does not pose any kind of risk. There is no report still of severe cases indicating side effects. Women though should be aware that they cannot have teeth whitening during pregnancy as whitening materials can affect the development of a fetus. If you have done the natural methods and still you are not achieving those pearly white teeth, see a dentist the soonest.

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