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The Age of Machines and Big Data

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a machine, what are the functions that it performs and such other things? A small machine such as an Automated teller machine, used to dispense and deposit your money performs thousands of function in a fraction of time before doing it.  Machines have taken over most work the work that humans were doing in the past decade, in every nook and corner you will find a machine doing some work.

Whatever you do on a machine is recorded by it and sent to the main server, it records that who uses it and what does the person wants etc. The data recorded by it is then analyzed within the framework and presented to the organizations for understanding and develop new policies or strategies accordingly. A bank has thousands of ATMs; it is not humanly possible to decode that amount of data or as it is called now Big Data that it generates. This is where SPLUNK comes in, an American organization which excels in developing software that will record all the data from various sources and finds a correlation between all the information before presenting the results.

The area of operation of big data analytics and where it can be used are business trends and research, urban infrastructure, climate predictions, security threats assessment, simulations and various other fields. The professionals like Olu Campbell have made the understanding and analysis of big data accessible for big corporations which generate a tremendous amount of data on daily basis and need to find the valuable material in it so that they can understand the metrics generated by the data. The Analysis and interpretation of big data have attained new much importance in today’s digital world where everybody is connected with each other through the e-World.


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