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The Five Most Common Types of Office Chair

You probably don’t really pay much attention, but did you know there are many types of office chair?  Depending, of course, upon the size of your office and what types of functions you might conduct, each of these Office chairs at could serve your needs in a wide variety of ways.


The basic “boardroom chair” these seats are the most common and most recognized chairs in any office. This popular chair model is designed for function—particularly for comfort—but also to be moved and arranged quickly; though they are not adjustable.  Thus, they are excellent for long board meetings but can also be suitable for a presentation setting, and you can fit a lot into a small space.

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At the other end of the spectrum, ergonomic chairs are designed not only for comfort but also to accommodate the most functionality. Essentially these chairs are designed to maximize the support for your spine and your back muscles.  These chairs are larger than conference chairs with more cushions for support and even a headrest. These are adjustable and they have armrests to give you the most support for your posture; excellent for helping you stay focused during longer meetings and brainstorming sessions.


The epitome of simplicity, the stacking chair is designed for quick assembly. They can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and colors, and they can be made of flimsy plastic or metallic elements or can even feature fabric cushions, but they are all designed specifically to be stacked and carted away quickly.


Designed with a plush, cushioned seat and a high back, as well as polyurethane foam armrests, the executive chair is often covered in leather.  Most notably, the executive chair is set upon casters and wheels that make for easy rotation and movement across boardroom floors. This, of course, gives you the most versatility in a single seat.


Another of the most common type of office chair, the task chair is similar to the executive style in that it is mounted on casters and wheels.  These are foam-lined, typically, so not quite as comfortable as their bigger, more luxurious cousin, but still more comfortable than hard plastic conference chairs.  It also makes them an ideal middle of the road chair for broad use in a variety of board room meetings.


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