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The Four Most Demanded Programming Languages of 2018

Every passing year, pass some of the clichéd things of that year. For example, all the discussions about the digital world and worldwide internet are now done and dusted and to fulfill the market’s needs and to keep up with the pace of the industry, it is important to know the needs of this new year of 2018. This preface becomes important when you belong to the web development industry or a part of any web design Dubai based company.

In this New Year, new challenges and tasks are going to be thrown towards you. That is why you have to keep yourself updated with all the new skills and information that can help you in fulfilling the needs of surviving in this industry.

That is why to continue the series of articles, I am writing this post in which you are going to find four of the most demanded programming languages of 2018.

1.    Java:

Some would say that the job postings in Java related field dropped to scary rate in 2017. But they would not tell you how to establish this industry already is. The Java as the language is over 20 years old and millions of people are taking the perks of it through billions of devices worldwide. The reason why learning this language is important too is because it is not limited to web development. All the android apps are based on Java which skyrockets the importance of the Java to survive in this very saturated market.

2.    JavaScript:

Just like there are some things that are always available and viable in every season, the JavaScript is also one of them. This is considered to be the grandfather of all programming languages while covering the 80% developer’s market and by over 95% of all websites. The reason why you will have to use this language every year and in every season is because of its several front-end frameworks. The frameworks like React and Angular JS are not only in used by millions in the world but it also has incredible potential to become the programming partner of the technologies like IoT and mobile devices.

3.    PHP:

PHP is the gem of all programming languages. It is the scripting language that used on the server side to make it viable and efficient for all major purposes. The use of this programming language is on the higher side due to the help it provides while adding the functions that HTML can’t handle or with the MySQL databases.

4.    Python:

Not so famous or in demand language for the developers to learn but now it is looking like its fate is going to turn. The countries of Asia and the Middle East have a huge demand of the people with the skill of this language, especially the web development Dubai based companies. This is a general-purpose programming language which not only helps the developersto develop the websites but also supports them in the software development. Data mining, scientific computing and machine learning are some other uses of this language too.

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