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Tools used for data security and business management

Every business is running on technology, which is the reason you need a credible and technical solution for your business. For any kind of technical solutions you can approach an I.T. solution company. They will help you through software in so many different aspects to run your business smooth. Like Device agnostic, NTFS files system, 3 tier storage system and so on. For detailed information you can check out the main product page.

What is device agnostic?

Device agnostic is used to make device compatible with every operating system without installing any other program on system. Agnostic is the term related to I.T. field which means generalize something with different systems. Agnostic is not only used for devices there are few different aspects agnostic used like protocol agnostic, database agnostic and business agnostic.

What is NTFS file system?

NTFS files are new technology files used only on windows NT. You cannot use these files on any other operating system. This file system used for recovering data from disk failure and you can control the file’s access with help of NTFS file system. You can make an access control list and allow and restrict user to access the file. These file system provide you data security on both kinds of   device like fixed and removable device. After formatting a hard disk cluster occurs on the hard disk and these cluster reduce the size of hard disk. NTFS File system reduces the size of cluster during formatting hard disk.

What are 3 tier storage systems?

Tier storage systems are like maintaining level for file’s storage. In this kind of storage systems files stored in different media on the basis of their performance. This storage system is help from data loos and provides fast recovery of data from the system. Mostly private organizations used these storage system for improving their operational efficiency.

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