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UX Design – Flame Test

If you want to make sure that you have the best interaction design it has to meet certain criteria and here are few such factors to look into which will serve as the flame test for your UX design. When you hire UX companies you will need to ensure whatever they deliver you as the final output is meeting these criteria. The overall goal of any good UX design is to enhance the user experience.

Does the design simplify things for the users?

If you have a good user experience design it has to make your platform easy to use by simplifying the process. Only when this goal is achieved you can be sure that the UX design is doing the job it is supposed to be doing. There could be many reasons why the users come to your website or use your platform, it is essential that your users are able to achieve that goal fast. While trying to speed up the process it should also let the users have as much control as possible over the process. Giving control to the users is one of the important ingredients of a good interaction design.

Is the design free from graphic overload?

The UX design should have the right blend of textual and graphical content. At times, under the pretext of making the interface visually appealing the graphical elements are made to dominate. This should be avoided and graphical elements should be used with the highest level of discretion only when it is going to add some special value to the user experience.

Is the design vetted to match the demography?

You cannot have the same layouts for all platforms even if it is in the same niche industry. The UX design should be customized to match the demography that is likely to use the product or the platform. This should take into account the choice of words, progression options provided and the graphic elements used. Only when all these factors are taken into account the users will feel comfortable using the interface.

Only when all these criteria are met you can be sure of achieving the expected results. These are the building blocks of a good UX design. We can go deep fine tuning each criterion. The goal is to make your entire system as user friendly as possible. Regardless of whether or not your users are responding to the call to action positively, the UX design should leave a positive impression about the brand. This will help you get the best mileage out of your UX design on the long run. In case of future requirements the users are likely to come back to your brand because of the positive experience your UX design gave them. Therefore it is worth investing in creating the best user interaction design for your brand. Look for the right agencies in the industry which specialize in offering dependable UX design services so that you can collaborate with them on your UX design project.

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