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What makes web design one of the most important components of marketing?

Web Design Burnley is one of the most vital, but unfortunately, the most overlooked element of digital marketing. The first stem in entering the virtual market of competition involves developing your website. You need to come up with a user-friendly website, ensuring a pleasant customer experience and optimum visibility. It is necessary to reach out to one of the reputed companies for web design Cardiff to empower your online marketing campaign. A website is the base from where you start your SEO strategy, email marketing campaign, social media campaign and so on.

Here are three key factors that make your website design one of the most vital components of marketing your product or service.

Credibility of your business

A statistic reveals that around 75% of people judge the credibility of a business, assessing the design of its website. The ease of navigation, website speed, integration of graphics and videos and other elements generates an impact among your audience. A seamless website design creates an impressive impact among your target group.

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Ranking in search engine index

A sophisticated website design helps it to get a high rank in the search engine index. Google algorithms consider the design of a website as one of the criteria in deciding its rank. The cardiff web design experts can help you outplay your competitors. Reach out to the professionals to strengthen your marketing campaign.


The conversion rate of your website depends upon its design. Altering the design elements can boost up your conversion rate. When you compete with generic brands, small changes in your website design can create an impact on the conversion rate. This can provide you a competitive edge over other brands.

Reach out to an established web designer cardiff to bolster your marketing strategy. A website is the virtual profile of your brand. A well-crafted website can leverage your marketing strategy as well as brand image.

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