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Why should you incorporate LearnDash plugin on your eLearning platform?

You might land up in a dilemma while choosing the right platform for your eLearning website. Too many options are available for you, so you need to decide the right one for your platform. WordPress is one of the most extensively adopted platforms for eLearning. You should know the advantages of Wordpres Learning Managing System over other platforms. It is necessary to choose the right eLearning plugin and theme for your portal. LearnDash brings you a vast plethora of features for your eLearning platform. Here are the key reasons that make it ideal for educational websites.

Creating pre-requisite courses

The greatest advantage of LearnDash is that it is a WordPress plugin, besides being an LMS. This enables you to create courses that are pre-requisite in nature. It offers customized features to students to allow them upload the assignments on your platform. You will be able to approve these, and then notify the students to continue with the course.

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Easy payments

While usingLMS WordPress plugin, you do not need any separate plugin for membership when you incorporate LearnDash. You may attach it to the payment system. Besides, it is possible to sell off the courses with this plugin either individually or through subscriptions.

Protection of eLearning content

One can integrate different membership plugins with LearnDash, which makes it possible to use it as a component of their membership website. Companies can also combine it with a membership plugin, that provides more protection to the eLearning content. The payment mechanism becomes more secure and you can have a better control over the access to these materials.


For an eLearning platform, it is important to track the progress made by the students. Therefore, you need to integrate quizzes into your platform. When you use Learndash for wordpress, you can enjoy built-in support for quizzes. It supports a variety of quizzes, including multiple choice questions, one-word answers, drag and drop questions and four other options. You can also frame these questions in various formats, like text, video and audio. The students get all statistical details from these plugins, like top-scores and level-ups.

Dedicated forum

Integrating the LearnDash plugin for your WordPress eLearning platform will also enable you to develop a forum for the users. It will host all relevant discussions on the course. It will enhance the abilities of your students to socialize and help one another. The students need to create their profiles and participate in these discussions.

These features resonate the benefits that eLearning websites get when they incorporate LearnDash on their platform.

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