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Why would you choose to use a multimeter?

Also acknowledged as VOM or multitester, a multimeter is recognized as an electronic measuring tool which combines many measurement functions in only a unit. A usual multimeter can be used for measuring current, resistance, and voltage. An analogmultimeter makes use of a microammeter with one moving pointer for displaying readings. On the other hand, digital multimeters or DVOM or DMM is equipped with a numeric display and it might exhibit a graphical bar which represents the measured value. Today, digital multimeters are highly common because of their precision and cost. Analogmultimeters too are still opted like, for measuring fast varying value.

A VOM can also turn as a hand-held instrument which is useful for simple fault finding plus field service work. Additionally, it can be a bench instrument that is capable of measuring with high accuracy. It can be used for troubleshooting electrical difficulties in a huge range of household and industrial devices, like motor controls, electronic equipment, power supplies, wiring systems, and domestic appliances. You will find multimeters at different prices and armed with various features. To browse the entire range of multimeters, you can go through The Multimeter Guide. The inexpensive multimeters are found in lesser than US$10. On the other hand, the certified calibration can cost more than US$5,000.

Size of the multimeters

The size of this instrument is of vital consideration, particularly for those people who are engaged in fieldwork. For this purpose, you are required to have a rugged meter which has got a huge protection for the majority of the applicationsbecause it is common for the devices to get abused and it can fall from a big height also. Again, if you work in tight spaces then you require a small meter so that it fits there. On the other hand, a massive meter might not fit everywhere, thus causing a problem.

Benefits of digital multimeters

The benefits of digital multimeter are given below:

  • It shows correct results.
  • This meter is protected against unwanted input range. So, it remains protected from fault, misuse or overload.
  • There are some digital multimeters that propose “auto range” and in these meters, you aren’t needed to bother about fixing the range of measurement.
  • Digital multimeters are user-friendly unlike analogmultimeters as the outcomes are shown in numeric value.
  • Every improved measurement, like impedance, capacitance, and frequency can be done by DMM and this feature is absent in the analogmultimeters.

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