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Why You Need a Digital Marketing Platform and Scalable Technology Framework

One of the recurring and sometimes increasing costs that are a major challenge for both new and existing businesses is customer acquisition. Brands spend thousands of dollars on advertising. Some even go as far as placing adverts in the highly expensive Times Square ads. And all this to what end – to increase their customer base.

Despite having the opportunity of reaching millions of people, most brands nowadays fail to take advantage of the goodies that digital technology offers. As your business increase in size and enjoys a steady growth, it is important to scale not only your technology but also your marketing efforts. There are many different marketing platforms that companies need to leverage to further increase their customer base. To reach today’s connected customers, brands and companies need to design a digital marketing platform and scalable technology framework that keep customers actively engaged.

Effective Digital Marketing

Nowadays, professional digital marketers know that driving traffic or ranking high on search engine result pages isn’t enough. They are focused more on how these metrics help a business achieve its short and long-term goals. In truth, ranking high for a specific keyword is great, but will the benefits of doing so outweigh the time and cost required to get there? Do you prefer driving traffic to your site through spammy content promotions or design a captivating, informative and engaging type of content that might drive only a few hundred relevant visitors to your site?

To be truly effective, companies need to start looking for new strategies other than traffic and rankings, to meet their business goals. Here are some great ways to increase your chances of meeting your business goals.

Diversification – This is indeed a great way to expand the overall reach that your messaging can have. Instead of just focusing your attention on your website alone, you can engage in other digital marketing platforms such as email marketing, social media promotion combined with traditional advertising. This will give your business the much-needed exposure you’ve been looking for

Collaboration – Smart digital marketers today make it a point of duty to brainstorm with the PR team, graphic design crew, and IT department. No man is an island. These collaborations can give you ideas on the best things to do. These guys may be working on something which unknowingly to them is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This, in turn, increases overall performance.

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